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With Heja Klubben! we wanted to show how important it is to have live and active sports clubs and associations. That they are the lifeline and the pulse that gives life to all parts of the country. It was needed as there are many people who today take this for granted. There are surprisingly many people who do not realize or understand what is required for this to work. That it is really hard work to run a non-profit club became especially clear during the pandemic. With Heja Klubben! we wanted to change attitudes and pay tribute to all the associations and clubs around Sweden that are run by non-profit forces, by zealots who are passionate about their club, who create activities and a rewarding spare time for children and young people but also for many adults.

We also asked the clubs around the country to nominate their best choice for our club of the year award, with a motivation as to why they are the club to cheer for! And during the year we have received inspiring tales of efforts and heartwarming stories about clubs and associations and what they have meant and mean to people and entire communities.

The club that warmed the most with its heartfelt commitment and true heart and soul was IK Södra Judo, which the jury considered to be the club that best personifies the good work that Sweden’s clubs and associations do. And is a club that we can all cheer for!