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This is an initiative where we want to show the huge benefit that Swedish sports associations do to the entire country. We want to highlight all the tens of thousands of sports associations and clubs that, at all hours and in all weathers, activate, integrate, and develop individuals both as athletes and as people. And we also want to pay tribute to all those who put in time and effort in their spare time, the ones passionate about their club and who create activities and a rewarding spare time for young and old.

We want to increase awareness of these efforts, show what it means and get more people involved in the clubs, make it grow, and help this unique movement to continue to do good across the country.

We want to share your stories!

We want to find the sports club that has those particularly wonderful enthusiasts, who always find smart solutions to the club’s challenges, who have those heartwarming stories that everyone wants to hear. We want to hear about the club that works wonders for its members, who in the best way unite, activate, integrate, and develop individuals both on and off the field. Is it maybe your club or association? Follow us on our social platforms. There we will share your stories about your club. Use the form below to write a few lines about your club’s important work, and why it should be lifted.

No volunteers, no movement

We think that too many, take this commitment and what the clubs do, for granted. In addition, the parent’s involvement in the children’s clubs is declining. Many believe that they can pay their way out of responsibility, but then miss that the entire club and association movement is based on commitment and volunteer work. And that this commitment is key to keeping sports and activities accessible to everyone, regardless of background and economic ability. That is why we want to enlighten the wonderful job that the Swedish club and association movement does.

We want to hear about your club

During this year with Heja Klubben! we want to give you the opportunity to highlight your own sports club. We want to hear about what challenges you are faced with and how you do to make it work so that anyone who wants to can practice your sport or activity. We want to hear about your special enthusiasts. Do you have a Hjördis, Vaktis, or Svennis who puts all of their hearts into the clubs’ members; who chalk lines, sell coffee, grind skates or drive the team bus?

We are also curious about how many similarities or differences there are between a table tennis club in Ystad and one in Pajala. Do you have the same challenges, and have you solved finances and other things in the same way, or do any of you have a “patent solution” that the rest of Table Tennis Sweden wants to hear about?

“Win a sponsor”

During this year, we will collect contributions for the “Sponsor Pot”. We will share more info on this later on and let you know how you can nominate your club or association. Don’t forget to follow us on our social platforms to not miss any updates!

Swedish clubs + Swedish businesses = true

The wonderful and important volunteering work in all clubs and associations is unfortunately not enough. The clubs need sponsors to make ends meet. And that’s where they need you, all you companies out there.

All of you who have a company, or a business have probably at some point been asked to sponsor the Girls over 14 team in the local football club, or if you want your company name on a lane in the city’s bowling alley.

Without your support and sponsorship, Sweden’s sports clubs and associations would not have had a chance. And we know how grateful they are for your contributions, big and small. And it feels only natural that you should be able to participate and get involved in Heja Klubben!, by contributing to our “Sponsor Pot” for instance. We will let you know more about the “Sponsor Pot” a little later but if you want to engage in our initiative now at once, use the button down below to contact us!

Does your company want to join in and support the movement?

If you have a company and want to be involved and contribute to an active and vibrant sports club movement, you can do so by clicking on the button below!

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Heja Klubben!

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