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When started Femmegineering because we wanted to highlight female role models in the industry and in technical educations. By doing so we wanted to inspire girls to choose a career in the engineering profession. By letting women in tech talk about their experiences, we wanted to make it easier to handle all the possible difficulties that can arise when there is an obvious imbalance in the number of girls and boys in, for example, an education. Femmegineering is an initiative that will contribute to a more equal technology industry. Because we know that everyone benefits from us making up for this difference. Over the year we collected and published stories from female role models on We also had two very much appreciated live events. First, we invited educators, female managers in tech, driven students, professional role models, and scientists who came up with exciting and educational insights in our talk show Femmegineerng Live. The scientists in our expert panel in the first event, returned once again to make an acclaimed appearance when we were invited to a Femmegineering Breakfast Event. Both events can be seen here:

Watch Femmegineering Live here

Watch Femmegineering Breakfast event here

Femmegineering lives on, read more about the project and read the stories from our Hall of Femme on our webpage: