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We want girls who study at technical colleges and universities to feel at home and enjoy their educations. We want to alleviate all the possible difficulties that come with an obvious imbalance in the numbers of girls and boys. We believe that everyone benefits from us leveling this. Or, no … we do not believe, we know that everyone benefits from it.

We want to help make these Femmegineers efforts visible and connect inspiring girls with each other so that they can find support in the community. You may be fewer, but you are not alone.

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What’s the problem?

The tech companies and the industry are screaming for engineers and tech expertise, and especially for women. Despite this, only 25-30% of those applying to colleges and universities are girls. Why do you think the numbers are so low? Help us find out why this is and help us change it.

  • Percent women 25%
  • Missing experts 70 000

Tell us your story!

Are you a girl studying, or have you just finished a technical education at a college or university? Then we would like to hear more about your studies. Why did you choose that particular program? What are your thoughts on why there are so few girls in tech schools? Any thoughts on the future, on your career? And most importantly, do you have any ideas or suggestions to improve the situation?

We would like you to contribute to our little survey, where your answers will be the start of our work during the year to help put the light on female engineers, Femmegineers. If you already work as an engineer, you are more than welcome to contact us to tell us more about your experiences of working in an often male-dominant industry. And we would like to hear if you have any thoughts on how we can inspire more girls to pursue an education and career in tech.

What is Femmegineering

It’s a place where females in the tech industry are highlighted and given the opportunity to share their experiences with girls who want to or are already studying to become an engineer or work in tech. Femmegineering also wants to help elevate the status of being a girl in a tech program and support them in their choice of education. By contributing to a higher status of those in a technical college or university, we want to make them feel a greater sense of belonging and become more positive towards the education.
We want this to trickle down the grapevine and reach younger girls who will hear more positive words on being a girl in tech. This will hopefully contribute to more girls applying for tech schools and thus making the situation more balanced.

An industry in need

Today there is a shortage of qualified engineers and tech experts in our industry. This means that students in tech programs on colleges and universities are largely guaranteed jobs immediately after graduation. As a university-educated engineer, you are extremely attractive to the market. And since the companies and your future employers are well aware of how important it is to be evenly represented, female engineers are an especially sought-after gem. Because you are the need they have.

Of all those graduating each year, only 10% are girls. A disappointing figure but a figure that makes the girls rarities in an industry where the companies will do everything to make sure that you want to work for them. Because they know that you will contribute with qualities and an approach that they lack or have too little of.

Hall of Femme – Become part of our inspiring lineup

To highlight women in the tech world, we will during this year, gather inspiring female profiles, who either study or are active in the industry, in our Hall of Femme. Here we get to share their thoughts, experiences, and dreams for the future.

Hall of Femme is, among other things, our blog where we publish posts written by girls studying at technical colleges in Sweden but also by girls who are studying technology in other countries. What does the situation look like there, is it equally unbalanced? The blog will also feature posts by women who are already working in the tech business. Maybe we will see posts by guys who give their perspective on the skewed gender balance.

We are so very curious to hear your story and your view on education, career, and other thoughts that have to do with women in tech. And if you want to join in and make your voice heard and write a blog post, just get in touch with us at You can write about any aspect of women in tech you want, or you choose from our list of topics that you get when you email us.

You don’t have to write a blog post to join the Hall of Femme. All of you, who take part in our survey and share your thoughts and dreams about your education, can be included in our proud line up of Femmegineers. You register your interest to join the Hall of Femme when you take part in the survey. We will then contact you and arrange some follow-up questions and a picture of you.

At the end of the year, the Hall of Femme will result in a collection, a gallery full of inspiring people, thoughts, dreams, and visions of a future where the tech business benefits from the whole population. Exactly in what form this collection will be is still to be decided. We will get back to you on that. What we can say, is that it will be very popular in the HR offices at all of Sweden’s tech companies.

Does your tech company want to be a part of Femmegineering?

Are you with one of all those companies that want to be involved with getting more girls to apply for tech programs? Then maybe you would like to sponsor one of our events, maybe you have experiences that should be included in the panel discussion. Maybe you have ideas for something else we can do together to get more female engineers into the industry. Email us at and we will take it from there.

We would like to join!


Unlike many other charities, we do not use collected funds for administrative costs. Not a single penny. Sigma and Danir AB are responsible for all the costs of running the charity initiatives presented here. This means that every penny you donate goes to the beneficiary.


Sigma’s owner, Danir AB is responsible for this web site and all the initiatives presented here. Danir AB is the guarantor that all funds collected will go to the chosen beneficiary and all transactions are monitored by the Deloitte audit firm which is a third-party guarantor.

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