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Haveriet – (The wreck)

The sea along our Swedish coast needs our help. We need to work together, to spread knowledge about how bad it is under the surface of our oceans. We also need to be tougher and put higher demands on companies, politicians and authorities so that we can make the changes that reverse the acute situation along our Swedish coast. Join us this year when we are spreading information and knowledge about the state of our seas. You can do this by committing yourself a little extra and becoming a Young Sea Ambassador. Or become a "Haverist" and contribute to our pledge drive, initiate a clean-up day on the beach or do something else that benefits our seas and coast.

The pledge drive

Here you can follow the pledge drive and see how much we have gathered for Haveriet.
The total is updated daily and not in real time.

Collected amount 46450
Sea ​​ambassadors 12

Add your drop to a healthier sea!

If you want to chip in and support Haveriet, you can use Swish (1234 20 96 15) or pay by Bankgiro to contribute. Any amount will do, we are grateful for both small and large contributions.

1234 20 96 15

You can also use our


If you are between 12 and 25 years old and have an interest in marine environment and the life below the surface, you may want to be the one who establishes Young Sea Ambassadors at your school. As a young Sea Ambassador, you get to learn more about the sea with the help of the Marine Education Center. You are then responsible for spreading and increasing marine knowledge at your school and where you live.

The goal is for us to have at least 12 Young Sea Ambassadors across the country. And when we do, you will be a part of a large network of passionate marine environmentalists. Together you become an influential force to be reckoned with. If you want to know more about becoming a Young Sea Ambassador, then email us at the address below. 

About Haveriet

The coast of Sweden stretches from Strömstad to Haparanda and being 2 400 kilometers long, it’s one of Europe's longest. Add to this all of our lakes, rivers and streams and you get a country with a strong connection to water. And there are many of us who like to spend time in, on and by the water. But the importance of the seas are much greater than that, they are vital to our survival.

In addition to stabilizing the climate by absorbing one third of all carbon dioxide emissions, the world's oceans are a larger oxygen producer than all the earth's rainforests combined. The oceans produce half of all the oxygen in the air we breathe. That they and their ecosystems are healthy is therefore crucial for all of us living above the surface.

We are in dire straits

The sea along parts of our Swedish coast is in a really bad condition. Eutrophication and toxic algal blooms, commercial overfishing and careless handling of fish stocks, without any sustainability in mind. Not to mention the lack of oxygen and the gigantic areas of dead seabed’s that are increasing every year. This problem must come up to the surface. Haveriet wants to show that what is going on under the surface, and has been going on for a long time, is nothing but a failure, a wreck. And it is time that we start restoring the sea we are so dependent on.

Spreading ocean literacy

With Haveriet we want to spread knowledge about marine life below the surface and how much it affects us above the surface. Haveriet will also, with the help of the Marine Education Center and their marine pedagogy, spread and increase ocean literacy among children and teenagers throughout the country. And at the same time show adults what they can and must do to help the recovery of our oceans.

The aim of this initiative is, in addition to highlighting the acute situation along the Swedish coast, also to help the Marine Education Center to establish more Young Sea Ambassadors in locations along the Swedish coast. The goal is to have initiated Young Sea Ambassadors in at least 12 places by the end of the year.

Haveriet is also a pledge drive, where both the public and companies can contribute to the work for healthier lakes, rivers and seas. The money raised will be the start of a national foundation that the Marine Education Center will run to initiate projects for a better marine environment.

Everyone can become a “Haverist”

Are you too old or too young to become a Young Sea Ambassador but still want to help restore the wreck we created? No problem, anyone who wants to join and support the sea and our work with Haveriet can become a Haverist. Everyone doesn’t have to do everything, but everyone can do something. So, take your class, your family or your friends for a trash-collection day on the coast or by a lake or river where you live. Or you can Swish a contribution to Haveriet and to the work and projects needed to create a healthier sea. When you have done something active for the sea and the marine life, it would be nice if you would like to share it with us. Make a drawing or write and tell what you have done. Either via email or on our Facebook page.

Where does the money from the pledge drive go?

All the money we collect during the year we will be happy to hand over to the Marine Education Center and to the national foundation they will start to fund projects to promote a better marine environment.


If your company would like to join in and contribute to a healthier sea and coast, you can do that by filling out the form below. We will then send you an invoice. If you donate 10 000 SEK or more you can, if you want, get your company logo here on the web site. We will, after we have registered your donation, e-mail you and ask for your logo. Click the button below to fill out the form.



A different kind of charity

Unlike many other charities, we do not use collected funds for administrative costs. Not a single penny. Sigma and Danir AB are responsible for all the costs of running the charity initiatives presented here. This means that every penny you donate goes to the beneficiary.

The Patron

Sigma’s owner, Danir AB is responsible for this web site and all the initiatives presented here. Danir AB is the guarantor that all funds collected will go to the chosen beneficiary and all transactions are monitored by the Deloitte audit firm which is a third-party guarantor.

How much do you want to give?

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