Expect a better tomorrow

Expect a Better Tomorrow

A site where you can be a part of making a better tomorrow

Project 2018: Segerpotten

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Current project: Segerpotten

Segerpotten kommer kortsiktigt att göra morgondagen bättre för 2018 års vinnare av Damallsvenskan. Men, målsättningen är framförallt att belysa de ekonomiska skillnaderna inom svensk fotboll, skapa ett engagemang och på så sätt bidra med något konkret till svensk damfotboll.


Expect a better tomorrow

There are theme days for almost everything, but there wasn’t a day for a better tomorrow. That’s why we decided to make New Year’s Eve the “International Expect A Better Tomorrow day”. On this day and here on expectabettertomorrow.com, we will, every year, initiate various projects and pledge drives that will make a better tomorrow. First out is the pledge drive Segerpotten.

A different kind of charity

Unlike many other charity organizations, we do not use collected funds for “administrative” costs. Not a single penny. All costs for running this website and the initiatives presented here are funded by Sigma and Danir AB. This means that everything that you donate goes straight to the beneficiary.

The guarantor

Sigma’s owner Danir AB is the guarantor that all collected funds goes where they are supposed to go. All transactions are monitored by Deloitte, which act as third-party guarantor.