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Expect a
Better Tomorrow

It is now the seventh year in a row that on New Year’s Eve we celebrate our very own theme day for a better tomorrow. The “International Expect a better tomorrow day” is a day that embraces new beginnings, faith in the future and optimism. And it is also the day when every year we present a new initiative that will contribute to a better tomorrow. For someone, for some or for all.

It has been a very good year for selling things you don’t need, so good that we choose to do something we don’t usually do – to continue with an expect a better tomorrow initiative for another year. We are therefore happy to announce that Sparks & Spender offers another year of better tomorrows for children and young people in southern Africa. In our slightly different store, we offer online shopping at its best, with great products, not for you but for someone else. Because here you will find the vital products that you don’t need.

Initiativ 2023Heja Klubben!

With Heja Klubben!, we highlighted the invaluable efforts and benefits that Swedish sports clubs does throughout the country. We lifted all the clubs that at all times and in all weathers, through thick and thin, unite, activate, integrate and develop individuals both as athletes and as people. We celebrated the zealots who are passionate about their club and who create activities and a rewarding spare time for children, young people and adults. We wanted to get more people involved in association life, make it grow and contribute to this unique people’s movement continuing to benefit the whole country.

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Initiativ 2021Femmegineering

Femmegineering wanted to highlight female role models in the tech industry and in technical educations. And by doing so, inspire more girls to choose an engineering or tech profession. We had women in tech talk about their experiences and share how they have experienced, partly their study time, partly their current professional life. During the year, we also let the research tell the fact on the imbalance in the industry, on two different live events. Femmegineering was an initiative whose main task was to contribute to a more equal tech- and engineering industry. Because we are convinced that everyone benefits from leveling out the imbalance in the industry.

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Initiativ 2020Haveriet - (The Wreck)

This was an initiative where we informed about life below the surface, how vital the sea really is for us humans. We also shed light on the marine and aquatic situation along our Swedish coast. Where eutrophication, pollution and overfishing create problems that we need to talk about. Haveriet also had a pledge drive where everybody could contribute to the pot. A pot given to Marine Education Center in Malmö who will start and run the Haveriet Foundation around projects that recruit more Young Sea Ambassadors, provide increased ocean literacy and, in long term, a better marine environment.

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Initiativ 2019Funkisfonden – (The Funkis Foundation)

2019’s initiative wanted to highlight that people with intellectual disabilities generally have more health problems and that sports and exercise are of great importance in reducing this. We also wanted to help Special Olympics Sweden to send more athletes to the Special Olympics World Games. Funkisfonden should also inspire everyone with disabilities to dare to believe that they too can also have dreams and goals.

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Initiativ 2018Segerpotten (The Victory Pot)

The Victory Pot was a pledge drive which we started to raise a victory bonus for the 2018 winner of the OBOS Damallsvenskan. The Victory Pot also highlighted the debate about the financial situation in women's football. During the year, The Victory Pot collected SEK 252,886 which went in full to Piteå IF, the winners of the OBOS Damallsvenskan 2018.

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A different kind of charity

Unlike many other charities, we do not use collected funds for administrative costs. Not a single penny. Danir Group is responsible for all the costs of running the charity initiatives presented here. This means that every penny you donate goes to the beneficiary.

The Patron

Danir Group is responsible for this web site and all the initiatives presented here. Danir is the guarantor that all funds collected will go to the chosen beneficiary and all transactions are monitored by the Deloitte audit firm which is a third-party guarantor.