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Funkisfonden - (The Funkis Foundation)

Funkisfonden was launched on New Year's Eve 2018, with the aim of raising the issue of sports for people with intellectual disabilities.

People with intellectual disabilities generally have more health problems than others, so it is extremely important that sports and the possibility to exercise become more accessible to them. Many people with intellectual disabilities go through their entire school life without any sports education and most of those who participate or compete in sports today, did not start until they were adults. Sport is not just about movement and exercise; the inclusion factor and the possibility of making new friends is equally important. Getting more people involved in sports and exercising is vital and this is exactly what Funkisfonden aimed to do.

Funkisfonden also had the ambition to serve as a source of inspiration for anyone with a intellectual disability, by keeping them informed about upcoming events, encouraging exercise and training and by highlighting talented, 'funkis' athletes who are currently active. We wanted to get across the idea that all people, regardless of their situation, should have dreams and goals.

For many 'funkis' athletes, their dream is to participate in the Special Olympics World Games. For financial reasons, Special Olympics Sweden could not fill all the places they were allocated at Abu Dhabi in 2019. Therefore, one of the goals of Funkisfonden was to make sure we fill the places allocated to Sweden for the next Special Olympics World Games. Through a fundraiser, the proceeds of which went entirely to Special Olympics Sweden, Funkisfonden wanted to ensure that more people could experience the sports adventure of their lives and realise their dreams. With the help of financial contributions from private individuals and companies, we managed to raise 220 000 SEK. Don't miss the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Åre and Östersund 2021.

Total amount collected

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Funkis foundation

190 515 SEK

Companies that supported us