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Together, we can make sure that more athletes get to go and compete for Sweden in the Special Olympics World Games and experience their life's adventure and a dream coming true. Come join us when we put the spotlight on how important sports and physical activities are to people with intellectual disabilities. And what difficulties, everyone with intellectual disabilities who want to participate in sports, are struggling with every day. There are some good ways to both train and compete but it can be so much better. Together we can change this.

The pledge drive

Here you can follow the pledge drive and see how much we have collected together for Funkisfonden. The total is updated daily and not in real time.

Collected amount: 178905 SEK
Days left: 38

Chip in and fill up the fund!

If you want to chip in and support Funkisfonden, you can use Swish or pay by Bankgiro to contribute. Any amount will do, we are grateful for both small and large contributions.

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You can also use our

Companies are welcome to contribute to Funkisfonden

If your company would like to join in on filling up Funkisfonden, you can do that by filling out the form below. We will then send you an invoice. If you donate 10.000 SEK or more you can, if you want, get your company logo here on the web site. We will then e-mail you and ask for your logo after we have registered your donation. Click the link below and fil out the form.

Company donations

About Funkisfonden

Funkisfonden wants to help raise the issue of sports for people with intellectual disabilities, that this group of people generally have more health problems than the rest of the population in Sweden. And that it is especially important that sports and exercise become more accessible to this group.

But we also want to help financially. Special Olympics Sweden works with a very limited budget. As it is now, they cannot send as many athletes as they would like to Special Olympics World Games. Together we can make sure that more people can participate in future sports adventures and realize their dreams of competing with athletes from all over the world.

We also want to serve as an inspiration for everyone who has a disability, that they too can have dreams and goals. Whether it is in sports or other areas. Dreams that actually can come true.

More in motion, more to sports

Sport and exercise must become more accessible to people with intellectual disabilities. Many in this group go through their school years without physical education. The reasons for this are many. But it is primarily because the schools have too little knowledge about how to make Phys Ed. available to everyone.

Many of those who practice and compete in sports today have begun in adult years. For there are not so many sports clubs that have an organization or the resources to take care of these athletes. Getting more activated and into sports is vital and this is what Funkisfonden wants to be a part of changing.

If you give a little, they promise to give it all

March 14 - 21 2019 it was time for the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Abu Dhabi. Our Swedish participants are part of Special Olympics Sweden and if they had the financial strength, they would have sent more athletes to the sporting adventure of their life. We hope that we will be able to make a difference and that we can send as many as we can to the next competition. 2021 it is time for Special Olympics World Winter Games i Åre och Östersund. We have received a greeting from our athletes, that if you give a little, they promise to give it all.

Where does the money from Funkisfonden go?

All the money we collect during this year we will gladly hand over to Special Olympics Sweden. Today, for economic reasons, they cannot fill all places that Sweden has been awarded to Special Olympics World Games. Together we can change that. As an example, it costs about 15.000 SEK to send a competing athlete to Special Olympics World Games.

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A different kind of charity

Unlike many other charity organizations, we do not use collected funds for “administrative” costs. Not a single penny. All costs for running this website and the initiatives presented here are funded by Sigma Group and Danir AB. This means that everything that you donate goes straight to the beneficiary.

The guarantor

Sigma Group’s owner Danir AB is the guarantor that all collected funds goes where they are supposed to go. All transactions are monitored by Deloitte, which act as third-party guarantor.

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